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Pet Containment


The most advanced pet containment system in the world, Pet Stop Systems have the most customization in the industry with thousands of programming options. There are solutions for every type of dog with indoor and outdoor systems available.

Contact us and view the Pet Stop line of products at to see if it's the right choice for you and your pet. Have an older system or different brand?  No worries, we can service and repair all brands!

Introducing the battery-free EcoLite™Plus with Link™


Now  you’ll never have to worry about running out of costly batteries. EcoLite’s environmentally friendly built-in rechargeable power pack lasts up to 25 years. It’s incredibly small and lightweight, weighing just under an ounce. EcoLite’s small size makes it the ideal choice for small dogs, yet is effective for even the biggest of breeds.


Plexidor® Pet Doors are professionally engineered and manufactured from quality materials to be the very best: quiet, energy-efficient, completely secure, long-lasting and most importantly safe and easy for pets to use.

Offered in the following configurations:

  • Door Units

  • Wall Units

  • Electronic Units for security and animal access control

  • BiteGuard KennelPlex for the kennel line  

Manufactured in the ensure reliable delivery and replacement parts service.

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