Adaptil Calming Spray

Adaptil Calming Spray

Nursing bitches produce reassuring pheromones to help put the puppy at ease and feel safe. Research has shown that a synthetic copy of this pheromone, DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone), has a reassuring effect on dogs of all ages.

ADAPTIL contains DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone). It has been proven that stress-related behavior helps to reduce puppies and adult dogs, making them more responsive to behavioral therapy and training. The effectiveness of ADAPTIL has been proven by numerous studies that have been published in reputed scientific journals and at international conferences.

Use: ADAPTIL contains DAP and is a natural and practical solution to help control stress-related behavior in your dog, such as: - difficult situations (fireworks, loud noises, staying home alone). - adaptation to a new environment (adoption, relocation) , new family member or pet).
Note, do not use on the animal itself.

For example, if the dog is anxious in the car, you can use the spray on the rug or the bench where the dog must sit on / in the car. And then put the dog in the bench or on the rug in the car.