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about us

Our Passion & Our Mission

Over thirty years ago we launched a small town pet business with the highest level of service and products we could supply to local pet owners. Owning a pet adds love and purpose to your life; but it’s natural to encounter a few challenges along the way. Caring for your animals - whether they’re birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians or mammals - begins the moment you make them a part of your home. At Ridgefield Pet, we offer a number of services to help your adjustment go smoother and to help you take great care of your pets. We are very proud of our Pet Stop pet containment dealership, which is known for its fast response to repair requests and professional training. This part of the company not only services the three surrounding counties but can also services all major competing brands. 

Additionally, we are a seasoned property design and installation company.  We started out building Koi ponds and naturally progressed to becoming experts in creating the ideal outdoor living space. Ridgefield Pet's Rucolas Family of Specialties features elegant pool and patio installations and exquisite indoor stone work. Visit our gallery to to sample just a few of our stylish concepts and start dreaming today!

Lastly to help keep your family safe and home secure we sell, service and install Kohler Generators.

Come explore all that The Rucolas Family of Specialties has to offer!

Thank you for your patronage,

The Rucolas Family

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